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Full Version: PokeFusion
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Hey everyone!

I present you today with a Pokemon website. I am not the owner but I am a close friend to the owner and he gave me permission to post this here. Obviously, the forums are run on MyBB. The default forum theme is really something that should be commented on since we did not make it ourselves. <-- Main Website <-- Forums

I hope you take a look around. Also, give us some feedback on how the website and forums can be improved.

If you ever want to talk to me I'm Eon-Rider. The owner is BluePhoenix.
Simple Red is a nice looking theme, but it does not match your main site at all.
Forums don't need to match the sites.

I thinkthe simple red theme is nice ;x Could use a bigger banner though.
Our next main site layout may have a matching forum theme. I agree we need a bigger banner.

* coolmaster contacts BP.