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Full Version: Extend Feature
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I have noticed that the plugin support forums seem to be a bit unorganized. I think there should be a way for the pluginĀ developer or MyBB staff to allow adding a URLĀ to the official release thread tot he plugin for support and updates. If a user needs support, they can just click get support and be redirected to the thread. I notice people ask for support in the release thread an actually making a new thread. This is just my two cents and improving the extend and plugin support area of the community. Remove the plugin support and change plugin release to plugin release/support.
Yeah, it's a bit of a mess right now. Tying the threads and plugins together is actually on our roadmap of planned features, along with a rewrite of the extend site as a public project. I'm not sure if that change will be made until the new version is actually written though due to time constraints.