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Full Version: Attachment Corruption
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Thank you in advance for any help that may be offered. here. I run a MyBB forum on a FreeBSD VPS with PHP 7.2, NGINX and MariaDB 10.3 and have a peculiar issue with certain problem:

1. The attachments people upload are corrupted.

I've tried a number of things to fix this:

• Turning gzip/zlib output compression off at NGINX and enabling it from within MyBB (No change)
• Permissions check (all files/dirs chown'd www:www with 755 for dirs and 644 for files) (no change)
• Different themes (no change)

Some people have suggested we switch to Apache, but that is not possible for our set up - apache does not grant acceptable performance or concurrency. We must figure out the issue with our current set up.

NGINX main config:

If a trusted MyBB dev/user wants to take a look I can grant access to the forum's back end. I cannot easily grant other access as the server is jailed/isolated using a jail() and offering FTP/SSH/SFTP access is not going to be likely, though I may be willing to copy the database/files so they can set it up locally.

Forum is and you can view our discussion issue on our attachment problem here:
So this turned out to be a bad plugin:

I worked with user Mipher here (Great guy, absolutely would buy him a beer) to get this fixed.