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Full Version: Help, I just banned my own IP [sloved]
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Ok, I know itĀ is hilarious
I was testingĀ "purge spammer", and so i purged my 2nd account.
since IPs were the same, now i can't login anymore.

Does anyone know how to un-ban?
i believe purging cannot be undone unless you have your database backup with you
also did you tried using a vpn with your id and then delete that ip that you have banned from the admin panel ?
Are you a super administrator (in/config.php)?
You need to access your ACP from a different IP, maybe using a different internet connection (mobile phone?) or a VPN.
Log in from a not banned IP and go to the banning settings, there you can remove your IP and should be free again.
OK, everything is OK now, I used another IP to un-band.
yes, I am the super admin.
Maybe super admin IPs shouldn't be able to be banned.