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Full Version: IPB To MYBB [ MyBB SQL Error ]
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MyBB has experienced an internal SQL error and cannot continue.

SQL Error:1054 - Unknown column 'passwordconvert' in 'field list'QueryConfusedELECT username,password,salt,loginkey,coppauser,usergroup,passwordconvert,passwordconverttype,passwordconvertsalt,uid FROM mybb_users WHERE username='bob' LIMIT 1

Please give meĀ  a Solution

MyBB Merge system consists of a plugin file - loginconvert.php - that file
needs to be uploaded to plugins folder of MyBB [~/inc/plugins] - and that
plugin should be activated from plugins section of forum admin panel
Thanks but I Left Old IPB Wiith 300 Members . A New Path To MYBB @".m." Thanks