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Full Version: How to add reply box on a custom page
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I have created a basic simple custome page with the help of this thread

I have created a simple html page in global templete, now I want to have a reply box there with members of the forum being able to reply there.


define('IN_MYBB', 1); require "./global.php";

add_breadcrumb("Title here", "somename.php");

eval("\$html = \"".$templates->get("template_name")."\";");


everyone seems to be on their holiday
Yes, this can be done with a custom plugin, this is a customization and you may or may not get an answer in general support that typically supports issues and not customizations, like something that a simple paid for plugin can handle. What do you think?
I dont think I'll need or want to use plugins for simpliest things that can be done with few simple modification on some files.
What you are asking is neither simple not requires "small edits" on "some files".

You will need either a plugin or modification to the core that allows this feature in your forum. Not even the page manager plugins currently available will make this as easy as you seem to believe it is.

Your inquiry is far beyond the scope of "general support".
Thank you for clearing it up.
that is what I wanted to know wheter it is possible by modding core files or not.