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Full Version: Some users can not login through steam, while others can
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We use a steam login (Linked below) for our forum, while some users log in fine, others can not, we get this error:
<friendly_type>MyBB SQL Error</friendly_type>
<message>SQL Error: 1406 - Data too long for column 'regip' at row 1
INTO mybbto_users (proceeds to list all tables in the database)

I am not sure what is causing this since i have never gotten this error before.

Forums Link:
(Hidden, problem solved)

Steam login plugin used
The plugin you are using isn't updated in 10 months and there is a better plugin called Flyover by Shade.
I use Flyover plugin 1.5 and there isn't any issues with that.
Wtf? Put a normal register on your forum!
I have exactly the same error message
The Steam Login plugin is causing this, see .

Anyone who uses this plugin should contact its author for a fix.
Comparing the apparent culprit with the official core code I would assume that changing the following:
"regip" => $session->ipaddress,

"regip" => $session->packedip,

Should suffice.

The plugin is probably written for an older version of MyBB 1.8.