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Full Version: PM folders options in different templates
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Hello there,

I wanted to change the select field "jump to folder" in Private Messaging (private_jump_folders & private_jump_folders_folder) to html/css tabs. Unfortunately it seems like the template private_jump_folders_folder is being used also in fields: "Move to folder" and "Search folders" in Advanced Search.

I'm using PHP in Templates plugin, therefore I'm wondering whether it's possible to set the private_jump_folders_folder content:
In private template to:

<a href="{$mybb->settings['bburl']}/private.php?fid={$folder_id}" class="ucp-tabs__item"><i class="far fa-file"></i> {$folder_name}</a>
Elsewhere to:
<option value="{$folder_id}"{$sel}>{$folder_name}</option>

Or maybe can I somehow generate my own list of available folders in private template? Or should I forget all above?

Thank you in advance!