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Full Version: myBB newbi questions
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Hi all,
I am newbie here, just tried myBB and I need some advices:

1. How could I know if my forum was hacked?
Do myBB has something like Wordfence for Wordpress?
If somebody tries to login or inserts script, I get reports and can fix it.

2. I uploaded a simple forum, no plugin, no theme styles, just changed colors, but didnt use any 3rd party templates.
Do I need something more?

3. How to protect my forum?
To further protect your forum I recommend this thread:

You can edit the htaccess on your AdminCP folder so only your IP can access it
Disable the ability to backup your database from within your AdminCP, instead backup from PHPMyAdmin

Both of those changes give you added security and make it harder for attackers to gain access to important data. Tutorials on those can be found in the thread linked.
1. You can use scanning services like Succuri

2. Depends on what you want from it. Mentions, Alerts etc are plugins

3. If your forum hosting is safe, your forum is more or less safe too.