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Full Version: Multi-level forum/subforum permissions
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I'm sure the answer is easy but I can't figure it out...

How do I go about disabling thread creation in a forum category but allowing thread creation in subforums under that category.

For example:

Category: Web Hosting Offers
Sub Forums: Shared Hosting Offers, VPS Offers, Dedicated Server Offers

I don't want to allow threads to be created in Web Hosting Offers, but do want to allow them to be created in Shared Hosting Offers, VPS Offers and Dedicated Server Offers.

In addition to this, is it possible to set a minimum registration time and X amount of posts before being allowed to post in certain sections? I've seen it done before but can't see how, or find a plugin for it. 

Any ideas for the above two questions are greatly appreciated!
You set the permissions for each forum and subforum; by default, the subforums will inherit permissions of the parent.

Time/Posts are set in "Promotions" - you'll probably need to create a new group.
Thank you. Promotions is understood.

So for the forum and subforum issue, do you mean it's not possible to achieve what I'm trying to do because the subforum will inherit the permissions from the parent?
The sub forums inherit the permissions of the parent until you edit them as you would the parent forum.

You can change the permissions to whatever you like; you just have to ensure you do it for each sub forum.
Understood! Thank you, it works Smile