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Full Version: Extend site new build version
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Version field does not limit how many characters and you get a database error.
SQL Error:
    1406 - Data too long for column 'version' at row 1
    INSERT INTO mods_builds (`pid`,`number`,`uid`,`filename`,`filetype`,`filesize`,`downloads`,`md5`,`dateuploaded`,`status`,`versions`,`changes`,`version`) VALUES ('224','7','4886','removed','application/x-zip-compressed','9357','0','removed','1551052406','stable','18x','AGAG','DGSGHSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS') 

Probably should be checked on the server side. The edit build manage allows you to exceed if you change the maxlength poperty as well.
Thanks for the report, I'll add it to our to-do list.