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Full Version: SMF to MyBB Merge
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To start off, I will note that I am doing this on a test site and a subdomain. I have exported my databases from my current SMF site and imported them into a new database to prevent interference as I test. Example '...._smf000' would be the new database for the imported files and '..._smf432' would be my current one. As of right now, the website is currently running MyBB (I was testing it out). SMF is not installed... Should I have run my website in SMF first, upload MyBB somewhere within the files, and then run the merge...? My assumption was to create the site in MyBB first and then have the system use the database to merge SMF in. I'm quite new to this. (apologies)

The error I am getting within the database configuration is 'The SMF 2 database could not be found in '..._smf000'. Please ensure SMF 2 exists at this database and with this table prefix.' Help?

Edit: I fixed this by changing the table prefix to smfyx_ instead of smf_.