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Full Version: 1.8.20 Image Resize issue on editor
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Previously you could change image size shown both via buttons and using source mode with width= height= codes. You can't do that anymore if the non existent value (let's say you give width and you want forum to figure out height) not x.0

Reproduction steps
1. Copy any image to your post.
2. Go to source mode.
3. Add width=400 OR height=600 etc.
4. Go back to message editor.
5. Notice that even that you can see image in editor with no issue, you can't see image both on preview or sent message, instead you see stuff like img=400x533.328125

Instead of steps 1, 2 and 3, you can simply add image via "Insert an image" button and give it 400 width etc.

Editor/forum can't roll width/height values, instead gives perfect value and that causes image not to shown. For example if an image is 12x14 by default, you can give image width 6 and it will be okay because then height will be "7.0", but if you give it width 5, then forum gives height as "5.8281" causing this:

Width and height are automatically resized with css class
(2019-03-01, 12:35 PM)Eldenroot Wrote: [ -> ]Width and height are automatically resized with css class

Let me check that issue. I've confirmed two other issues related to editor, so I'd like to check that one too. I may know what could possible cause this.

Sadly I wasn't able to reproduce this issue. Could you give me more details how it happened. What file type was that image you wanted to add, what dimensions it had. Also from which browser you were doing this.

Without more details all I can tell is that it's not general issue, but your specific case.
I explained and reproduced the issue succesfully in first message, from what I understand Firefox doesn't have this issue, Chrome does.

Here I am reproducing it again:

What is the original code you inserted for the image with width and/or height?

The code for image size still works for me:


[Image: artofwar.jpg]
You have just transformed 800x450 image to 600x400, please read reproduction steps in first message OR you can just give it 234 width as I did and try, don't give it any height (or vice versa)

As I explained in previous message, Firefox doesn't have this issue, Chrome does.
@Darkrad I'm on Fx and it happened per your steps-to-reproduce, but the image does display in the editor, but not in preview/post.



Also, if I preview the image, it gets fixed in the source.
In Chrome when you preview, it doesn't get fixed. But yes you see it in editor as there's no issue. I will add that to first message.

In Firefox not only previewing but also going to source mode & return fixes aswell.