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Since MyBB (1.8.18 IIRC) when the changes were made (I really like them, good improvement for this page) there is a small issue with moderators.

I have 3 moderators on my board, but two of them /Skubin and šmoula) have an extra permissions to make changes in 3 forums. It is displayed correctly but these two mods should be displayed in Moderator group as well (global moderator). This is quite confusing... 

[Image: andCXAK.png]
So they are both global moderators and specific forum moderators?

That sounds like a rather confusing approach as well.
All of them are global except 3 forums, where only two of them can moderate. So this is really confusing, should be changed.
You have to update staff templates to load leader groups and so.

That is the reason you have a very outdated templates into yous skin
Nope, it is updated
If they are restricted to moderate even only one forum they are no more global.
Nope, I will try to describe better.

All of them can moderate all forums except 3 forums listen above. So I added a permission to moderate only specific users (not usergroups). These two users should be displayed also in moderator group, not just for these three forums.
Unfortunately I don't follow exactly what the issue is? If it's easier, feel free to message me on Discord and I can try to understand via the instant messaging.

P.S sorry about the late response from a team member to this thread,
Ok Ben, it is quite difficult to describe, because it happens only when you use a specific settings for your moderators.
Reproduction steps from scratch with every detail might help understanding the situation and further resolution.
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