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Full Version: Post Template Manager
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So I saw this thread from awhile back. 

(2014-02-24, 09:21 PM)Spurt Wrote: [ -> ]So, I noticed on a roleplaying site that I'm on ( which is IPB ) that there's a plugin that allows you to store your tables/postscripts/post templates/whatever you'd like to call them. When you make a new post, it gives you the option to select a table from those you've added, and you click the button and it pops up in the text area. This makes it so you don't have to copy and paste the code every time you make a new thread/reply, and eliminates the need for a graphic holding area.

Does something like this exist for myBB? If not, COULD it exist for myBB?

Since using a feature like this is HUGE on my website already, is there a plugin for this already or am I missing something? I would love to have a drop-down with user-stored templates.