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Full Version: 1.8.20 login unreliable
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I updated to MyBB 1.8.20 few days ago. Now, some of my forum users complained about not being able to log in.

There's the warning, that there's a wrong authorization code.
I checked the send post parameters: my_post_key does have a value.

Very few times, the login does success. I cannot explain why. Tested on Firefox and Chrome.

So where could I find the error cause?
In an exact copy of my forum I can log in without any problems.

Only differences between both forums: database content, settings.php, config.php

Changing to mybb default theme does'nt help.

So has it got to do with the recent mybb update? Can anyone reproduce the problem? Any Ideas?
Could you please provide your community forum url? I'd like to test it on your forum to see if I will be able to reproduce this issue.

to regist you have to fill in e.g. 1990 in the field "Jahr" and answer the safety question with "/spawn" (Mit welchem Befehl kommst du zum Spawn der Hauptwelt?) or "2" (Wie viele Diamanten benötigt man für ein Diamantschwert?)

I just found out that it might have something to do with the login modal. If I use the form at /member.php?action=login it works fine.
Have you used the Check Updated Templates feature? Sometimes after an update it is necessary to update templates to new ones so they work.
From which version of MyBB 1.8 you have upgraded? 1.8.19 or earlier?
I upgraded from 1.8.19 and as I already said it doesn't matter if I use my custom theme or the mybb default one (default theme updates itself automatically on each mybb update, isn't it?).

Yesterday evening it worked again fine and I changed nothing in the meanwhile (I can't check its functionality at the moment). It's so confusing...
Yeah I also couldn't find anything that could possibly cause this issue for you.
Login form in modal looks fine. Also other things look okay. I havent spotted any errors in console even so it's hard to say what could possibly cause this.

EDIT: I don't know if this could be issue, but you have duplicated quick login modal.
One time it is added somewhere in header (it should be there) in templates header_welcomeblock and header_welcomeblock_guest i guess.
Second time it is added after index template - don't know how it is added there, but it is and browser tells e that you have two input fields in forms that have same name. Maybe this is causing this issue?
Oh yeah you might be right!

yes, header_welcomeblock_guest is added twice: one for desktop view and the other one for responsive view (smaller screen width).

The welcomeblock itself is the same at both places but the parents are different because they are within the header template and the header is intended to have two different structures to get responsiveness.

Do you have any suggestions how to get rid of the second header_welcomeblock_guest or how to make the input ids unique?

For example, I could change the id-name of the second inputs with jQuery but then I whould have to hook into the login function and there set the input id back to the original one in order to get the login working.

Seems pretty unprofessional to me and can I just set a input within php

(something like $mybb->input['quick_login_username'] = $mybb->input['quick_login_username_renamed'])

although there is no initial input for quick_login_username and just for quick_login_username_renamed ?
Hmm I'd say that this modal should be made responsive on it's own using @media in CSS to change how it looks when for example viewport (web browser window) is small enough.
Thanks for the report, but it appears on this occasion this isn't a bug!
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