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Full Version: MinimalEditor
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[Image: MinimalEditor-preview.gif]
A simple extension of the fallback text editing area - when SCEditor is disabled - to allow previewing MyCode on same page. Currently supports posts/threads, Private Messages, and the Calendar.

This plugin requires PHP version 7.1 or higher.
Requires PluginLibrary.

Hmm, sweet! Anyway something like GitHub editor with preview would be great Smile
Just found this and seems nice but it appears to not be working in my PHP 7.3 MyBB 1.8.22 local environment. Any ideas?

I did copy your post to test but it didn't get formatted.
Good work as always DVZ.
Not a fan of minimalist editors.
Resolved a bug where content would not be parsed when not in MyBB core's Preview Post mode (0.1.1).
Seems to work as expected on my local environment now.
It seems that it doesn't parse attachment BBCodes.
It seems isn't working for guests either even though the checkbox is displayed.

Edit: Nevermind, this was caused by me.
Resolved a bug where the checkbox and textbox would incorrectly show with the visual editor enabled in Private Messages (0.1.2).