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Full Version: [Release] bluestar theme
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Hi All how are you guys? I hope everything is going fine..
bluestar it's a vb style from
and he allow me to convert his styles but I have to put his design copyright (thats fair right?)

here we go
live preview: (in arabic)
if you like this style here is the install and download information..

download the full package here

unzip the file you will find 3 folders..
  1. psd folder contain the logo and buttons in psd formats.
    to allow you to transolate or even change any of it to suit your needs..
  2. xml folder it's contain the xml file you have to import it via your acp
  3. upload files folder
    you have to upload it to your forum dir
    it's contain 3 folder mybb the theme images folder and jscripts it's contain 2 js files for the quick links menu, and the quick search box. and the last one it's inc it's contain a global.lang.php file that have some few lines added, if you would like to add it manuly so add the following to your global.lang.php file above ?>
    $l['login_username'] = "User Name";
    $l['login_password'] = "Password";
    $l['markread'] = "Mark All Forums Read";
    $l['nav_editlists'] = "Buddy/Ignore List";
    $l['edit_sig'] = "Change Signature";
    $l['change_avatar'] = "Change Avatar";
    $l['edit_profile'] = "Edit Profile";
    $l['edit_options'] = "Edit Options";
    $l['subscribed_threads'] = "Subscribed Threads";
    $l['view_profile'] = "View Profile";
    $l['q_l'] = "Quick Links";
    $l['a_l'] = "Miscellaneous";
    $l['a_search'] = "Full Search";
Disclaimer: you can edit any of the templates as you want..
but you cannot remove this line
Theme Graphic By Miner Skinz converted to MyBB By

I hope you like it..
nice skin
Very nice. Good conversion Smile
thanks dear Will78 and Jag100
Great work! Smile
thanks dear Mamoun for you nice comment Smile
please if anyone get live preview in English please post url..