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Full Version: The specified attachment does not exist.
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Hi, I moved the web hosting with different domain.
I just back up both php files and database, and paste them in new server.
I reconfigured inc/settings.php and config.php to set new database and address.

But attachment seems not working, all thumbnails are not visible but it shows blank box. If I press the blank box, it says "The specified attachment does not exist.".

Maybe I did wrong in reinstalling. If it is, I need a manual on how to reinstall properly.
Otherwise, How can I fix this so that It can show previous attachements?
Have you tried navigation to File Verification in your admin control panel to check and see if perhaps there is an issue there?


Have you also looked with your files to see if the attachment images even exist? This is the path for mine for example, yours may be different I am not familiar with the attachments folder creation: public_html/mybb/uploads/201903