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Full Version: serious error with Admin CP Honeypot
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I am using  mybb_1820
my forum website is:

I installed the Admin CP Honeypot as recommended at:

I then installed and activated it in my Admin control panel.
Then I tested it out as if I were a hacker, however I may have made the mistake of using my own admin email address.
Everything seemed to work as advertised. Notification of password reset with repeated failed logins.

But then when I attempted to access the real admin control panel at the new scrambled directory name, I got the following error.

Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Class 'DefaultPage' not found in /home/rmhiherbal/webapps/mybb_rww/[[[omitted]]]/index.php:90 Stack trace: #0 {main} thrown in /home/rmhiherbal/webapps/mybb_rww/[[[omitted]]]/index.php on line 90

How do I restore my own valid access to control panel again?
Did you update the admin directory name in inc/config.php ?
(2019-03-16, 09:44 PM)Ben Wrote: [ -> ]Did you update the admin directory name in inc/config.php ?

Thanks much. That seems to have fixed the problem.
For future reference, this crucial instruction was OMITTED from the README file in the Admin CP Honeypot package I downloaded at: