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Full Version: Hide text in url profile
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I have a problem that needs help. Currently I use myprofile plugin and it will add a text after the url of the url profle [attachment=41639] but now I want it to show only user-1.html. I also tried using .htaccess to hide it but failed (probably the code is not correct) Thanks if anyone can help me.
I don't know the plugin but this #thing is an anchor, it makes the browser scroll down to that item.

You don't want it to show that also means you don't want it to scroll. So the link will not work as intended.

> I also tried using .htaccess to hide it

Anchors are client-side only, the server only sees user-1.html and does not know the anchor part. So it's impossible to redirect (anchor survives redirects).

You'd have to change the plugin to remove those anchors and then accept that comment links will not work as intended.

Random example from this forum: (link to a post with anchor - scrolls down to the post in question) (link to same post without anchor - it doesn't scroll so no way to tell which post was linked)
Thank you for the answer, but is there any way to hide it when the pagination is on the first page
That anchor is added by the "MyProfile" Plugin.