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Full Version: Error in 'Edit Forum Setting' for child forum
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I am using myBB 1.8.20, a new installation

I have created a board with multiple categories and forums within those categories.
I have done this multiple times without any problems and have about 4 categories with many forums within each.

Today I am experiencing a persistent, NEW problem:

I successfully created a child forum of a category.
When I attempt to Edit the Forum settings of the newly created child by changing things like the DisplayOrder and ForumType, then hitting "Save Forum" button at bottom, I get the expected message that "The forum settings have been updated successfully."
However, when I go to "Edit Forum Setting" again to verify, I find that the OLD settings are still in place. I have repeated this multiple times, even going so far as to delete the child forum and do everything again. Same result.

The only thing I can think of that is different now is that within past day or two I created a new Admin account, also for me under a different username and email address.
No matter which Admin account I try, I cannot get the child forum to Edit correctly.

P.S.   When I access the "View Forum"  'Permissions'  and  'Moderators'  tabs, I seem to be able to successfully change the forum settings there, but then when I check the "Edit Forum Settings" tab, ***the permissions shown there do not match the permissions that were set under  "View Forum: Permissions".

P.P.S. 24 hours later:
I created a new Category and Child Forum today without any problems.
Error seems to have been temporary.
Is there a possibility that some weird time delay in updating the forum database caused the temporary error where the Permissions listed under the "Permissions" tab and those listed in the "Edit Forum Tab" were temporarily out of sync???