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Hello there,

I'm starting the development of ABP User Map, un plugin letting users indicating their location on a map and creating a page showing all users (with markers clusters when there's a concentration).

The map will use OSM (OpenStreet Map)

  1. choose the default location (the center of the map when initialised)
  2. choose the default zoom level
  3. choose the marker

User CP
The subpage "your location" will allow the user to place a marker on his location.

Usermap page
A simple page showing the map and clusters/markers. Clicking a marker will show the username and his avatar.

  • In user CP, select a country (dropdown list) and a town, and the marker is automatically set at this place. This will use geomaps (requiring an account)
  • Have different markers, depending on user group
  • ...


Any comment / idea ?
Great idea!

I would like to use it for my board where every user can set his oen location where live. So everybody can see how many users come from a specific region in our country or who livr close to him.
If there are volunteers, you can get a beta version @

Actually, I don't create the link to the usermap page, you can see the page @ [your forum url]/misc.php?action=abp_umap

Feel free to make me any comment or suggestion.
Great! Hmm, is it private repo or public? Cannot open the link
Sorry, I'd put it as internal. Now, it's public, you can open it.
Thank you, just testing and I have a lot of ideas Smile

Anyway first part of them added into your GitLab issues list.
Thx to @noyle we have debugged one weird issue with styling usernames - I have already reported here:
You could fix it temporarily by replacing in "inc/plugins/abp_umap.php" the part (line #736) :
$users = $cache->read(CN_ABPUMAP);

$userscache = $cache->read(CN_ABPUMAP);
$users = array();
	$sql = implode(',', array_keys($userscache));
	$query = $db->simple_select("users", "uid, username, usergroup, displaygroup, avatar, aum_latlng", "uid IN ({$sql})");

	while($user = $db->fetch_array($query))
		$users[$user['uid']] = $user;
		list($lat, $lng) = explode(',', $user['aum_latlng']);
		$users[$user['uid']]['lat'] = (float)$lat;
		$users[$user['uid']]['lng'] = (float)$lng;
Gonna have a look on that, but I can't understand why the issue has been corrected by Noyle (thanx to him) before I know there is an issue.
And thanks SvePu for your patch Smile
Why? I had some weird issues with usernames and usergroups on my board. So yesterday I asked noyle for a help, he debugged this. First of all we thought it is an issue in MyBB core but... plugin issue. So I send you a bug report ASAP. Is tgere any issue with that?
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