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Full Version: Auto Announcement List?
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Basically - I've got an "announcements" section in the index of my forum. Instead of summarizing, by hand, and posting every new thread i make in the site news section, is there a way to automatically pull those threads from a forum and place into the desired area?

IE - 
Forum: Site News

Announcement 1 
Announcement 2

On Index page, there is an "announcements" box. Is there a way to automatically pull the threads and place them, with links, beneath that section? I swear at one time I saw that done but I can't seem to find the thread/option, now and everything I search brings up nothing helpful.
Mmmm, not quite what I'm looking for. I can see how it could potentially work? But I was already planning on using a recent threads plugin for all threads. I'd like a dedicated, separate area for announcement threads listed.

Thanks for the response, though. I'll keep digging and see if I can find someone who might be able to help me code something up if it's possible.