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Full Version: error in delete this threads button
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i find this error in my forum, when i click delete this threads button

[Image: 1.jpg]

but, i find editpost
[Image: 2.jpg]

(delete post link to editpost)
how to fix it?

thank you
Because, on the editpost screen, you will find the option to delete the post, so if you were to go to edit screen after clicking button, you would see an option at the top of the editpost screen to delete post.

[Image: 9Ncq6Mi.png]
how to fix it?
What is the issue?
(2019-03-28, 07:25 AM)ziuma Wrote: [ -> ]how to fix it?

What a stupidity. 😅
The only thing I see wrong in the screenshot is that Restore and Delete shouldn't be showing at the same time. I believe this was resolved in an earlier version if my memory serves me correct. As for the Delete button going to editpost.php, that's actually correct.

What happens when you click the button?
(2019-03-28, 03:45 PM)iKsu Wrote: [ -> ]What a stupidity. 😅

thank you
(2019-03-29, 12:47 AM)ziuma Wrote: [ -> ]
(2019-03-28, 03:45 PM)iKsu Wrote: [ -> ]What a stupidity. 😅

thank you

That was a tongue in cheek response, don't be offended, I believe he only said that because you were not paying attention to the answer, nor are you being very clear on your issues.

How do you fix what? Try elaborating and not being so vague.

The more details you provide, the easier it is to come up with the solution that you are looking for.
Apart from the tongue-cheek game, I have found and fixed the same issue in some sites using "purchased" pro theme by some popular theme designer where the problem was postbit buttons were actually placed out of post frame, failing the js to target the post.

Confirm that isn't your case ...