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Full Version: broken images
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Hosted on GoDaddy. They say the problem is the content.
A thread is picture intensive, 50 pictures to a post. Up until 3/30/19 there have been no problems with displaying attachments.
Since then, displaying such a thread results in broken images, similar to this screenshot.


Forum is https:/
Guest privileges do not permit images.
I have a login that will show an example of the problem.
Some members see the problem, others say it doesn't show up. Mix is 60/40
The fact that some have no problem suggests it's true. The server is only doing what it's asked to do.
I have php error logging enabled. There are no server errors.
I'm not sure what upward limit there is in concurrent connections, attachment counts.
I'm only running a few plugins.
Currently on 1.8.19
edit to add: all images are uploaded and delivered from the server, not hotlinked or hosted elsewhere.

Server stats. More info upon request.


I'm not sure how to diagnose this further. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

I've just registered in your forum, activate me or send me a PM with the login to see the problem.


there are a lot of 503 and 507 server errors, and that's the reason of the problem you show us.

The problem is with the server that couldn't handle all the requests of attachments at the same time, because they are too many and the memory is limited.

- Change to a better hosting.
- Use free images hosting in posts (you have plugins like THIS), and allow only attachments to exclusive files or people, and with a limit per post.
- Use a CDN like Cloudflare to cache your images.
- Use a Javascript script to load images progressively or a Lazy Loading script to defer the loading of the images, so the server doesn't get stuck with all the requests.
How are you seeing 503 and 507 errors? Such that a screenshot or other document can verify to support?
Hosting is GoDaddy, and their response is always claim denied unless proven otherwise.
Server access logs show status 200. 404 errors. Sorry, now that I'm looking closer.

I attach a screenshot of the 507 server errors.


I'm seeing them with the web inspector option of my web browser.

Another pic from another browser:
I'm seeing them as 503 and 507 errors in the browser inspector.
The server access logs show as 404 errors.
The server, with all processes stopped, show 0 memory used.
The server, with the board closed, and only admin logged in shows about 3.81 GB memory used.
When open, and normal members logged in, shows around 4 GB memory used.

There were several log errors showing SQL server went away, the most recent logged on 3/29, and on 3/30 memory usage spiked and the missing images started to happen.

What is normal server memory usage?
If database is corrupted somehow, what would I look for?
(04-06-2019, 12:15 PM)HLFadmin Wrote: [ -> ]If database is corrupted somehow, what would I look for?


check this link:
I have server debug information displayed at the bottom of each page. Does anyone know where 8MB memory statistic comes from?


I know that command line top does not report memory usage accurately per process, however, I believe it is fair to say I'm using most of my server's available 8GB (reasonable assumption since I'm getting 507 errors). See attached output of $ top -a -b -n 5 > top-5iterations.txt


The server in use is a business-level shared server, one step down from a managed VPS. Mostly selected for file storage limits.

I'm hoping someone else with photo-intensive application can share their server specs to help me diagnose this problem.

Norules, thanks for your help. I am continuing to look into the database aspect.
My last db backup was 1/1/19. Yes, I know I should be more diligent.
Since this thread has started, I've continued to deal with GoDaddy frontline support, and it took a while before they escalated this problem to advanced support. I have not heard back from them. The server was changed on 3/28/19 when they switched to HTTP/2. I can break my standard Firefox settings so that GET requests are made using HTTP/1.1. When I do this, all page items are delivered, slower yes, but delivered intact.

If I change the setting network.http.spdy.enabled from default true to false, this does the trick, but it breaks other things internet-related.

I have not yet given up on GoDaddy, but getting closer to making them GoneDaddy.

Any pointers that you can provide from your own experience will be appreciated.

I am currently using a shared server with 8GB RAM, and I think their standard response will be to upsell. How do you know what is a reliable amount of server RAM to specify?