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Full Version: Authorization code mismatch? Little Problem
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I've already followed this instruction:

Quote:If you have upgraded to 1.8.16 or above, please read the following instructions carefully.

Templates requiring changes:
1. Localize form tag
Open each template and look for <form action="member.php" *>. They are the forms you use when logging in. The form tag will likely include other attributes, which you can ignore.

2. Add token
Add after <form action="member.php"> the following piece of code:

<input name="my_post_key" type="hidden" value="{$mybb->post_code}" />
At first it worked but now its not working again, from the Home page pressing login button will redirect me to
"Authorization code mismatch. Are you accessing this function correctly? Please go back and try again."
But from that page when I do the login process I will work..
Thank you so much sir!