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Full Version: [SOLVED] "Legend" CSS
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Hi folks, I'd like to change the blue color of little titles like this... what CSS have I got to edit?

note: that blue is just noticeable using IE!

Thanx in advance =)
help... :\

(Am I able to double post after a day has passed by?)
acp / "Themes" / Modify / Edit / Scroll all the way down until you find "Table Text Color" /

Change it to whatever color you have for text besides the checkmarks. Thats all I could find as of now, I'll see if you can change it somewheres else.
The "Table Text Color" field was already filled in with "#FFFFFF" code.

I inserted #000000 and it changed the whole text except the ones in blue (that are the only things I would like to change).
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roger that Smile
thank you mak, I've found something. Maybe the CSS is:


How could I add it into the CSS mask so that I can fix that color?

Thank you Smile


I've also found a useful information:

The legend element provides a feature to give each fieldset groupings a caption/title

Now this is definitely what we're talking about Smile
in the themplates -> css
legend {

but for only <*legend>text<*/legend> change a color.
it works!

thank you Smile