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Full Version: Custom profile field - make value different of displayed text
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Hello there,

I just noticed than when doing a custom profile field (select, multi select, radio, checkbox), the same text is used for value and display.
Why doesn't it works like settings, using a separator between value and text ?

Sorry for the delay. Please could you confirm how this would improve things vs how they are now?
No trouble for the delay Smile
Actually, in Selectable Options? (custom profile field), you can just put a list of values. I'd like to be able to put someting like "id=value".
Actual Wrote:
option 1 label
option 2 label
option 3 label
option 4 label
Wanted Wrote:
1=option 1 label
2=option 2 label
3=option 3 label
4=option 4 label
I don't really remember why I needed that, so it's not so important Smile
@Crazycat We've marked this as rejected because we don't think there is any extra benefit to being able to specify value/label separately but are very happy to reasses if someone can come up with an important use-case. Smile
Oh, there are user cases for this, this is why the following was coded:

However, this isn't a bug but intended behavior.