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Full Version: Account registration returns white page
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So I'm not much of a programmer, just wanted to set up a nice little forum, but when people tried to register, they would hit "I agree" then the page goes blank

It used to work, but I have no idea what changes made it not work anymore. I uninstalled all (3) plugins, switched themes, checked file integrity, but nothing works

Also tried switching to different PHP versions from the host (based on a different discussion on this forum I foind), but none worked

Do any of you have any idea what I could do?

Thanks a lot
server error log's recent entries should be checked to trace cause of white pages

what is your forum url ?
I tried looking for a server error log on the server itself, but found nothing

Also haven't found any settings on my host (Hostinger). Do you know where I can find it / option to create it?

EDIT: Activated and found the error log! Seems like there was a problem with a plugin (even if it was uninstalled). Fixed it and it works!