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Full Version: Re-uploading database to Wamp server
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This may be a very simple thing for you guess so please don't judge.

In my localhost I already have uploaded a mybb forum with database. But I don't know how to update the database. I have downloaded a copy of database through my live site's mybb ACP. But how to upload it in the localhost?

Previously, I have done it through 'mysql console' of wamp. By using the 'use' and 'source' command. Should I now delete the earlier uploaded the database or I have rewrite it somehow?
I'd suggest using Linux instead with an alternative setup.

You need to use PhpMyAdmin to re-upload your database. It should come with the Wamp installation. Once you've got your forum backup and tested everything, only then should you consider deleting your previous database.
Database is big so I was unable to upload it through phpmyadmin in the first place. That's why I used the mysql console back then.
Increase PhpMyAdmin's import size by altering the following in your php.ini file:


Adjust to your needs.
Okay, so if I do it. Then it will rewrite the previous version of the database?
I'm confused as to what you're trying to do. If you only want to update your database, then you can do it using PhpMyAdmin. See here on how to manage your database using PhpMyAdmin.

If you're re-uploading your forum database to the same database in PhpMyAdmin, then yes, it probably will overwrite it.