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Full Version: Logging in issues
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Hi All,

I have been reading some threads in here about this, but getting a similar issue, albeit with the latest release.

Today, i updated to the latest release of the mybb forum, added a user. All seemed to go fine.
Then i logged out, and it will now not let me login.
This is an issue i have met before, but when i clicked the the "MyBoard" link it took me in anyway.

I am getting a little tired of the querkyness of this platform. Can anyone advise on the best fix?

I also confess to not being a coder, so any coding needed will need to be specific, i can do it, but not experienced here.
are you getting a white screen ? what is your forum url ?
forum url is

no its not a white screen, just goes to the website with that error.
open settings.php file (from inc folder) in web host panel's editor or
a advanced text editor like notepad++

find $settings['bburl'] = "";
change to $settings['bburl'] = "";

find $settings['cookiedomain'] = "";
change to $settings['cookiedomain'] = "";

save the file & use it.

after those changes you should be able to login to forum admin panel.

in the admin panel
again put those correct values at Site Details page of Configuration section & save settings

board url =>
cookie domain =>

[more details : login problems]
OK thanks for this.

Well i downloaded the settings.php and was able to make the prescribed changes.
I also managed to get into the acp
However despite the changes i still cannot login to the main forum, even from the control panel it would not let me back in.


Firstly, i would like to say thank you for all your assistance. It was very much appreciated.

Secondly, i have made an executive decision and decided to bin this platform. This is not the first time i have had issues with logging in on here. Something which you would not expect on a forum. Let alone the latest version (i note many others have had issues with earlier versions).
As such, i am binning the platform and moving forward to other pastures.

Thanks again everyone, have a nice evening.