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Full Version: jQuery problems after Update
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Hello. I've got problem with jQuery on my board. I updated myBB from 1.8.12 to 1.8.20 and here we go..

MyAlerts pop-up and login pop-up shows up only when i'm using jquery / jquery.plugins / jquery.plugins.min from 1.8.12 board
MentionMe (@Nick to look for mention someone) works in DVZ Shoutbox (properly) and in NewReply (weird placement, way too low) but not in Fast Reply.
Imgur ABP plugin works in New Reply but not in Fast Reply

I know it has something to do with jquery files or code so i'm creating one topic for all of these plugins.

Can you help me?


(Top-Right icon "LOGOWANIE" = Login)
Login: test12
Pass: Test12
Watch console and list down errors.
Uncaught ReferenceError: Cookies is not defined
    at Object.get (general.js?ver=1821:606)
    at HTMLDivElement.<anonymous> (dvz_shoutbox.js:1)
    at Function.each (jquery.js?ver=1821:2)
    at m.fn.init.each (jquery.js?ver=1821:2)
    at Object.parseEntries (dvz_shoutbox.js:1)
    at (index):437

That's the only console error on my computer.
It shows at indexpage and topicView.. but not in new reply so it's linked, yeah?  

How can i fix it?
Bump +

There are more problems..
I can't add comments on profiles, group moderation doesnt' work, DVZ Shoutbox shows only first message that you write...

It is all connected with dynamic refreshing etc... So i think it's connected with that .js files and that error "Cookies is not defined"
How do you get a version tag 1821 with your js inclusions whereas the latest MyBB is 1820?
I believe you have a mixup version / partially patched MyBB and this versions are having sensitive jQuery changes.

The error you stated indicates jquery.plugins.min.js is not included which contains cookie plugin.
Yes I use 1.8.21 from github with some jquery fixes cause i thought that it's gonna help..But it didn't. On 1.8.20 it was the same
It helps. If you do it right.
Few of my known sites already using unmerged PR of jQ from 1821 and its working fine.

As stated; check and include plugins file.
Oh yes. Sorry I forgot that I was using  jquery.plugin.min.js from different myBB version. Now i'm using good version (From 1.8.21)... There is no more errors but now when i'm using login window or MentionMe window.. It apears on the bottom of the board (With jquery.plugin.min.js from 1.8.12 it works fine)

[Image: N85QNO5.png]

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