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Full Version: [BootBB theme] How can I get subforums shown in BootBB on mobiles (on the homepage)?
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Hi, everybody.

I'm using BootBB theme (version 2.5) on myBB forum (version 1.8.19).

I have just 2 questions please about the BootBB theme's responsive feature (on mobiles):

1- It's working as expected on desktops, but on mobiles, I wonder if it's possible to show both forums AND THEIR subforums on the homepage (like for desktops)?!
The default behavior now is showing just forums on the homepage; no subforums.

2- I would also want to know if it's possible to show a limited list of threads of each forum and/or subforum, on mobiles of course!

Thank you very much.

Responsive feature should satisfy requirements for spacing between elements so that it is possible to click with a finger. This is why some content needs to be removed so it can pass tests like this:

I do not think your request can be satisfied (it could but all these additional links will need to go below the main forum and this will stretch front page too much).

Even default mybb theme only lists 2 subforums at most in the desktop version.

Adding links to threads in mobile will cause similar concerns.
Ah, OK.
Thank you, Panayot. I understand now and totally agree with you.

But what about some stats; meaning displaying how many subforums and threads are contained?
This would give users an idea to click or not on a forum or subforum.