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Full Version: Delayed moderation task does not work
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The task delayed moderation does not work. It works but only when there is no post in moderation queue.

For example; As soon as I perform an action to open/close a topic, the task stops working, since I check the log and it only works when there is no pending action.

I need that task to work correctly, since in my forum I am offering discount coupons for online stores, and those coupons have all expiration dates, so I need that task to work.

I have tried to manually execute it and it does not work either.

All other tasks of mybb work for me correctly, I have checked them all.

The version I use of mybb is 1.8.19. I will update to 1.8.20 in this next week, but I think it will not solve my problem, since I have tried with the 3 moderation files of version 1.8.20 and it does not work either.

Please, help me!
I have updated to the latest version and my problem persists. Can anybody help me please?
Did you activate the error log ? It may be helpfull.
(2019-05-21, 06:50 AM)Crazycat Wrote: [ -> ]Did you activate the error log ? It may be helpfull.

I've already activated it, and it has never shown any error about tasks.
That's weird...
I made some tries and can't reproduce:
  1. Select some threads and add a delayed moderation (stick)
  2. Check in table mybb_delayedmoderation => ok
  3. Deselect the threads
  4. Select another thread and unapprove it (it's in moderation queue)
  5. Run the task "delayed moderation"
  6. The threads are now sticky
I did the same but close a thread (doesn't go in moderation queue, it's immediate) rather than unapprove, it works well too.[/list]