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Full Version: Redirections Issue
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Hello buddies, here's what im dealing with, since im new and i have no clue about coding or something related to MyBB yet

Hosted a forum on a x platform
Got my custom domain
Installed MyBB 1.8 software

The original generated web adress was like blablabla.blablabla.bla
I changed the name servers for the domain and parked it so now it's like The issue is, that it's only iconic. What do i mean by that. Well, when i click on portal it redirects me to blablabla.blablabla.bla/portal.php url but i wanted it to be
Same for forums button redirection page, search, home, members, calendar, more, so pretty much everything. How do i change that?

Regards, a newbie
Did you updated the board url and homepage url to your new domain? If you haven't you can do that at

Admin CP -> Configuration -> Site Details -> Board URL & Homepage URL
Oh thank you sir, it finally worked. The only problem now is that, https on the url is like: https
Do you have a valid https certificate? If so please take a look at the Setting up HTTPs documentation.