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Full Version: Resolved :: $30 for simple plugin to use {$dbicon['name']} on showthread
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Just as the title implies, I will pay $30 via PayPal, if someone can make a plugin file so I can use

{$dbicon['name']} in the showthread template

{$dbicon['name']} is found in posticons_icon

or tell me how to hook so I can use

{$dbicon['name']} in the showthread template

just needs to work in verson 1.8.10 and up.

Post solution or file to this thread, and if it works, I pay you instantly.
if you want ,pm detail to me
(2019-06-01, 05:44 PM)Mostafa.Shiraali Wrote: [ -> ]if you want ,pm detail to me

There are no more details to provide, the thread says it all.
you want plugin show $dbicon object from another plugin? or create this object.
this object handle what?
becuase object with this name not exist in mybb.
first must create object then send to specified hook!!!!
Resolved:: I'm closing this project now. You can close this thread. Thank you.