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As of 2019-06-06, we've installed and enabled the Edit History Log plugin by Starpaul20 on the MyBB Community Forums.

In general there has been a growing trend for users to ask a question, receive help from Community members and subsequently edit their posts to 'REDACTED', 'closed' or some other similar obscure reply that masks their original query. This is highly frustrating for both users and moderators alike.

The edit history will be used to restore posts which have been self-vandalised in this way, and as an attempt at giving MyBB team members more of the necessary tools to improve moderation efforts on the Community forums.

Please ask any questions or raise any concerns you might have regarding this feature in this thread.

Thank you,

DevOps Team Member
This has the potential for moderation abuse.


Often, I will post a new thread, then I will modify it to add or subtract words/phrases/sentences to make the original post more clear.

A perfect example is my post in HERE, I think I have modified this probably 4 or 5 times due to people responding to the original post and I have made those modifications based on the feedback that I got in my PMs.

By having this plugin marking my original thread for further moderation and attempting to revert back to the original post will take a major step backwards in my attempt to find a person to work on my website because I have to explain myself all over again if the modified post is reverted back.

I am against this use of this plugin for this reason.
@Serpius: The idea is that the post would only ever be manually reverted back by a moderator and it would only really happen in extreme circumstances such as when a user edits a support thread from asking a question to only saying "FIXED". We won't be using it under normal circumstances and in an ideal world we wouldn't be using it at all.
@Euan T

Let me ask you this question.

What if moderator deemed an original post not meeting these arbitrary guidelines and he/she reverts the modified post back to its original state, but the "upper" management decided that the moderator was in error, can that modified post be restored?
I believe it keeps all edits in a diffmerge style format, so we could revert a reversion. Additionally, as Euan said, this won’t be something used on a daily basis, posts with edits don’t get marked for moderation. It is more for the staff to be able to actually check edits (if a user edits a post to remove something rule breaking we previously had no way of knowing) or to revert them if the user deletes potentially useful information for those who may stumble upon the thread (as Euan mentioned, in support when people remove their entire question when they get an answer).
No offense to you, Tom, but I'd rather see a more definitive answer than 'I believe'.

Assumptions are a bad thing rely on.
Absolutely, in the testing section there is a thread by kawaii. In that thread I did the following:

- made a post
- edited said post
- reverted said post
- edited the post again

I have the ability to now revert it one of 3 times: to the original, to the initial edit, and to the reverted edit. Through this I believe this shows we can see any and all possible changes, so we can always revert or undo reversions. I hope this clears things up.
Good! My questioning of using this plugin is not just for my purpose, but for the rest of the members who use this website.

I want to make certain that this isn't a case of overbearing moderation that could potentially become a runaway train.
Ha ha serpius... You don't have faith on the judgements of the moderators over community?
We do use even more sensetive tools on daily basis, like Purge Spammer Big Grin
It's not that I do have faith in the current lineup of moderators, but what about in the future? 

I've seen so much turnover in the personnel of many websites that the original intent of moderation is not properly passed onto the next level of moderators.

Having said that,'s team has been more or less stable ever since I started using MyBB as my forum software. That is a good strength of and I hope this will continue for the foreseeable future.

@effone, oh, I know all about the Purge Spammer! I'm so sensitive about that on my website that all purged spammers are on my Banned List for all of the world to see!  Big Grin
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