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Full Version: Authorization code mismatch in localhost
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I know it may be a too basic question for you guys. But I am new so. 

I have uploaded my live site's copy in localhost. Now everything is fine. Everything looks exactly the same as the live site. As I have adjusted the inc/config.php and inc/settings.php files.

But whenever I try to login its saying 'Authorization Code Mismatch'. I can't even login as admin or a member. What to do now? I have uploaded the exact same files as my live site then what's the problem here. I don't understand.
Please take a look at this thread.
(2019-06-11, 03:33 PM)Brian. Wrote: [ -> ]Please take a look at this thread.

I don't understand the logic here. If the files are exact then where is the problem. And I am using 1.8.20.

And moreover I can't even login as admin so how am I suppose to perform what you suggested??

Okay, sorry to bother you guys. Its fixed. Just needed some adjustments in settings.php file

This thread helped a lot.