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Full Version: Image verification not initially displaying
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I just upgraded to 1.8.21 this morning and on checking forum after the upgrade:

When I attempt to setup a new user, the "Image Verification" field does not populate when the registration form first appears. Every time.  The "Refresh" button corrects this issue and the alpha-numeric data is returned, but is there a way of modifying this so that it appears on initial load as well?

It would be nice if users didn't always have to click "Refresh" at EVERY sign up attempt

Thank you Undecided
If you are referring to MyBB default CAPTCHA we will definitely look into it.
However I suggest not to use that and switch to Google reCAPTCHA for better security.

The in-built CAPTCHA is likely going to be dropped in near future.
Yes, it is the MyBB default CAPTCHA which I am referring too that appears to have this issue.

Have not come across the Google reCAPTCHA system before and I will try to get my head around this.

I know it's not a MyBB question, but does the "Public Key" and "Private Key" have any effects on the rest of the website once setup through Google or is this setup procedure purely related to the MyBB subscription and there will be no knock on configuration effects?

Thanks again
You need to obtain the keys from Google and provide in MyBB while setting up the same in ACP.
OK, all setup and works brilliantly.

Thank you as always for all your support and help