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Full Version: desktop version of my site onto mobile
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Hello, I am attempting to force the desktop version of my site onto mobile devices, as I want the site to be experienced the same way across all devices.

My theme is not too responsive on mobile so I would like to do this
Hi, you can try one of the responsive themes:

Google will not send mobile traffic to your forum unless it passess its test:

On my site I am using BootBB (and I also help maintain this theme):
You can check it out thourgh a mobile devices or if you shrink your browser window.
Thanks for the reply!!

Am using Emerald  by AmazOuz!  on my forum
Fully responsive, modern & multicolor theme for MyBB 1.8.

The only issue am getting is: - When you try to post a thread you get to see half a page,  When you try to go to your profile you get half a page.

I will be glad if there's a simple way to fix this as because have did a lot of coding on the theme cant afford using another theme again.
My advice is to make screenshots of the problem and post them to the Emerald forum.