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Full Version: Adding text in area right of logo
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Is there a map of where the templates are located?

I want to make use of the area just right of the logo on the main page. Which template is this? How do you modify to add text or pictures for example? Maybe banner ads.

Can the templates be downloaded into a web program like Expression or Dreamweaver for modification without having to know php/html coding?
That would be the "header" template.

ACP - Templates [modify/delete] - 'Your Template Set' [expand] - header [change original]

Templates are organized alphabetically, so won't be too hard to find.
Since there are (many) variables in the templates, you probably can't just copy/paste the template into Dreamweaver for editing. You can always try out a new piece of code in Dreamweaver and then c/p it into your template ...
Thanks Lex. At least I know the template to modify. I was hoping to use Expression but I have opened some of the MyBB files that way but can only see code. I am a newbie at MyBB but an utter idiot at modifying code. Is there a tutorial somewhere on how to edit code?

Sure wish there was a map of the templates like there is for VB.
All this code is just HTML with special MyBB variables inserted that are evaluated when the template is loaded. So, if you don't know HTML, I know of a place that has a good HTML Tutorial.
Thanks Legos. That link is very helpful!!

I don't suppose you or anyone knows a way to export the templates into a program (like DreamW or MS Expess) that converts these to visual images?????

When I have tried it, the web development software only sees "the code" and won't convert it to a visual "design" mode. I only lets me see the code.

Are the templates in HTML, PHP or what?
The templates are in HTML with a few MyBB variables thrown in. That's probably why Dreamweaver doesn't convert it to the Visual Mode. There are MyBB (PHP) variables that are added to it that Dreamweaver doesn't understand.
Thanks again Legos. Either I am to learn code or I am to hire someone who will......I like the latter option.