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Full Version: Error message: Site not loading. Local host is locked
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Please my fellow users and gurus in the house, kindly help me with this issue please.

My site is no more working. Each time I load the site I always get error message as seen in the attachment file below:

It will always say local host is blocked. I have tried to figure this out but no solution.

I need your help please

Wrong forum for your question.
And it's your MySQL account which is locked, ask your hoster.
I have complained the same thing to them, but they said the problem is not from them. Please What should I do like this?

Someone should kindly help me please.
Have you checked your ~/inc/config.php to make sure all database information is accurate?

If everything checks out, it does seem like a hosting issue.
Thanks to you all. My site is working fine now. You can check it here:

I love you all.

Blessed be!