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Full Version: Steam Status Bar in Post Bit
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Wonderful. Just to make it look more beautiful, if you could somehow make user's small Steam avatar show in there and replace level text with Steam's level images, it'd be wonderful and complete. But I don't know if it's possible you to accomplish that. Either way, it looks perfect and exactly what I need!

Edit: And just thought, I don't know if it's possible to add links to usernames and games, so when someone clicks on a Steam username, he'll be redirected to his Steam profile or if he clicks on game's name, he'll be redirected to game's Steam page.
From the looks of it the Steam level "images" are dynamic backgrounds with the level text and would require some extra magic to make work so I'm going to skip that since I don't want to dig through their CSS code.

Here's a working example of the plugin with the other changes and some formatting cleanup:
Amazing. Thanks a lot for your hard work and quick help. I know lots of people need a plugin exactly like this, so I'd highly recommend you to publish it here. Couldn't imagine better Smile
I should be able to get it cleaned up and uploaded to Extend MyBB by tonight.
Thank you so much! Appreciate your work and time. I really couldn't imagine something like this to happen and even happen this fast before I opened this thread. Well, I'm glad I did!
I've literally been checking the Plugin Request forum every few hours looking for a new project to work on. Big Grin

Right now I just need to make some changes to the backend to avoid hitting the Steam API for every post made by the same person to avoid duplicate lookups and improve page load times.

I tried to fix the location of the box, but I'm too rusty on MyBB's CSS to put the box in between <div class="author_information"> and <div class="author_statistics"> without breaking the postbit. I'll leave that to somebody else to handle making it pretty.

Also I'll move the current CSS I'm using to it's own theme down the road, for now the plugin gets this ugly template:
<p style="height:45px;min-width:200px;border:1px solid silver;"><a href="{$profile}" target="_blank"><img src="{$avatar}" style="float:left;padding:7px 5px 0 5px;" /><strong>{$name} [{$level}] ({$state})</a> <br /> <a href="{$appid}" target="_blank">{$game}</a></strong></p>
Hardest part is making the plugin work and you've done that already. CSS can be handled anyway. Once you upload the plugin, I'll download, install it and see what can I do about CSS. Great work!
Here you go, this is my first time doing anything like this and also my first time working with Steam's API so let me know if you run into any issues or have any questions/suggestions:
Awesome. Works quite amazing. My suggestion would be adding a category on user cp just for Steam, so users can spot it easier to add their IDs. And the only two problems I've encountered is that when I click on my Steam name, it doesn't redirect me to my Steam profile, but instead reloads the same page I'm currently viewing. And the other thing is that it was all fine when I'm offline but when I went online, my Steam name, avatar and online status has dissappeared for like 5 minutes and they all came back after it "detected" that I'm online. I'm also trying to make it look better in postbit, so I think I'll just use different templates for every variable, such as $state, $name, $level, $game and $avatar.
MyBB doesn't natively offer the ability to add "categories" to the User CP but I'll look into a template edit to see if it's possible.

I fixed the Steam profile link issue and uploaded a fixed version to Extend MyBB.

Can you elaborate on the "disappeared for like 5 minutes" issue? Is it just a blank box or does it include any info or characters? If you can grab a screenshot it would be helpful also. Smile
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