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Full Version: Accessing Cookie Data
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I'm currently working on a plugin that will allow users to upload images that will be used in image albums on a main site. I'm currently debating moving the whole thing external from myBB, however I'd like for the images to be linked to the user's profile. I figured the best way of doing that is to access the uid stored in the mybbusers cookie, however I'm not exactly sure how to do it.

I'm guessing I need to include global $cookies or $session in the top of my php file, but bar that I'm completely useless. I'd really appreciate the help

I'm aware of xThreads, however I'd prefer to make something a bit lighter and separate from the forum board. Similar to how I completed an auto updating family tree.

If anyone knows how to acquire the user's ID from either a cookie or session, I'd love to hear how you can do it!