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Full Version: Additional group usage
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I'm doing confusion with the "additional group" feature.
It is only used to add more permissions to a Primary group?
But if I add a super moderator member to an additional group (that has more just the attachments space for example) that has not moderator permissions what happens? It simply add the attachments space? So the logic is that the additional groups just add things rather then the primary group?

I'm confusing a lot  Big Grin
MyBB sets the most privileged options for a user's permissions from all his primary group and additional groups:
  • For a numerical setting, for example pmquota for maximum PM numbers, attachquota for maximum attachments size, MyBB use the most biggest setting of this user's goups for it, or 0 for no limit.
  • For a yes/no permission, for example various visit/read/post/... permissions, MyBB use yes for this user if this permission has yes setting from any of his group.
So, if a user's additional group has lower settings/permissions than his primary group, MyBB will let user have these settings set with the higher ones from his primary group.
Perfect! Thanks for the detailed reply.