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Full Version: How would I go around these?
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Hello so I'm sitting here and considering to do some extensive plugins that would use 'Forms' in either 1. Settings. 2. Pages.

Now I am fairly adept with the whole template situation, but I know a thing or two about forms, one is that you can't 'nest' forms, neither can you do 'extensive' modification to the 'settings'.

All of this is totally hypothetical as I have no code to show for it, but let's say I create a page, page.php, in there is a form submitting to page.php, I can fairly easily code that and handle everything there, here comes the BUT.


I don't want to handle administrative tasks there, because I don't know how to create multiselect options for settings that would insert into my settings a comma separated list of the select options that has been selected, and I don't like to 'assume' that usergroup ID 1 == administrator, and like that I don't want to add administrative tasks to page.php.

Instead I wouldn't mind having the ability to create forms in the settings page, like a page where I could ban a user based on certain criteria from my plugin, that way I can create administrative options for an admin to my plugin.

I am just so locked and I'm really sorry for my bad explanation, if anyone has any ideas please do let me know, could I create an admin page myself and go with that? but then again it feels a bit intrusive and I'm not sure how I would go about this ?