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Full Version: Registration Email
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Sorry for my English, I'm Spanish and I'm using a translator

In my forum I have enabled the rule of only admitting an email when registering, that two people with the same email cannot register.

I have noticed that they are registering spamers with the same account, what they do is put points in the name, example:
[email protected]
[email protected]

They are really the same email, but the user registry supports it. The longer the name, the more possible combinations so that the spamers can register with the same email.

I have created some lines of php language that corrects the error, these are

list($nombre, $dominio) = explode("@", $email);
$nombre = str_replace(".", "", $nombre);
$email = $nombre."@".$dominio;

What it does is separate the name and domain, remove the points in the name and re-join the name and domain.

Then I put it in inc/functions.php on line 6537 just before checking the email in the database.

I have tried it locally and it seems to work.

Attention, I am not an expert. I ask some master of the forum that if he sees it right.

Thanks and regards.
You're correct, but seems not all email providers recognize [email protected] the same as [email protected]. Check this:

However, the email address checking might be implemented through a plugin (more better) or an extra option in future version, I suppose.
This is a good point
This isn't exactly a bug. As noyle said not all providers treat them as two separate emails, I'm pretty sure Microsoft don't so there's not one simple solution here unfortunately.

Nevertheless, we do appreciate your thread and possible fix for any other users who may be looking to change the behaviour.
A little more information on Gmail aliases, via:
Quote:An easy way to sort your email is to add categories after your username.

For example, messages sent to the following aliases will all go to [email protected]:

I suppose this could be used for spamming.