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Full Version: Two MyBB sites now display garbage characters instead of Forums
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We have two MyBB instances installed; starting about a week ago visitors to the sites see garbage characters instead of the normal forum content.  There have been no changes to the MyBB code since the upgrade to 1.8.20 in March 2019.

Our hosting company insists there have been no environmental changes to the system (Cent OS, php 7.1, MySQL, etc) during the period.  You can login as an Administrator and all of the admin panels appear normal, you just can't view the forums.

Restoring the MySQL database to a prior period (known to be working) does not change the result.

Any and all ideas welcome.
EDIT: After hours of trying different options I removed the lock file from the install directories, re-installed both MyBB instances using empty databases, and then once I had the empty installs working I imported the two database files and everything is working now.
You have GZIP enabled via your admin CP and via your hosting provider.