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Full Version: Add a button to codebuttons
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Hi, i have some plugins made only for my forum that can be use like bbcodes. For example: if the user write [personaje] (spanish) in a post, it will print his character stats in box etc. But the user has to write "[personaje]" and the same with other plugins. 

I want to add a button to codebuttons that write the code for the user, but i dont know how to do it. 

There are 3 different types of buttons that i want to add:

1 - Just write "[codeName]"
2 - Like the URL button, let the user put some variables and then write "[codeName=$var1,$var2]"
3 - Like the bold button, put a text between "[codeName][/codeName]"

I dont want to use external plugins, and i have mybb 1.8.21 (some tutorials are too old). 

Thanks  for help